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Becoming an 'entrepreneur' is someone who "systematizes, direct, and assumes the risks of a business." But the real role entrepreneur is much broader than that. Entrepreneurs start new businesses, creating opportunities for themselves and those they employ. Frequently, entrepreneurial activity increases competition and can increase productivity as well. And Innovation, which is an important element in any business development.

Emerge offer the F LY programs that provide to all the needs of an entrepreneur. Here, we work on building the skill sets of these entrepreneurs and the strategies they should be adopting for scaling up their business. The programs in this division are of straight involvement with a exclusive course structure comprising of

5 Full Day sessions - Happen once in a month that leaves a gap of approx. 45 days between 2 sessions to implement the concepts/strategies taught.

5 Reviews Meet - Thrives on Implementation, Not only are the concepts and strategies taught in the class by the trainer, but each concept/strategy trained is implemented in letter and spirit by a highly able and competent group of reviewers through a series of one-on-one reviews done between sessions.

Personal Counseling — Utmost learning and implementation happens through personal Counseling and experience sharing where live transformation is visibly observed.

Focus: 29-05-2106 - Focus on Your Current Market Trends, Make Your Business Unique, Innovation Create the Unique Value, Strong & Powerful Purpose Creation Towards Your Business

Productivity: 22-06-2016 - Increase Efficiency, Increase Productivity, Personal Management, Leadership, Work Delegation, Be Real Entrepreneur

Customer First: 13-07-2016 - Delight your customer, Customer Satisfactions, Customer - Kal, Aaj Aur Kal, Customer Relation - A Passion, Customer Ready Skill

System: 10-08-2016 - Act in Better Way, Practical Guidance For Continuos Growth, Keep Momentum Alive

Brand: 14-09-2016 - Self to Corporate, You Are Brand -Believe or not, Effective Branding Tools, Creative Branding Concept, AIDAS Theory of Branding